What Do I Eat?

The most common question I get asked when talking about a healthy vegan diet is…

“What do you eat?”

From my perspective, this question is almost comical because it fuels my opinion that people really are just uninformed. This is partly a fault of their own, but a large portion of the fault goes to our culture. We live in a culture that worships meat, eating with every meal and always making it the largest item on the plate.

Advertising ploys demand that “You must eat meat to get protein”, which you find is a lie after doing very minimal research as you can see in the graphic below.

Image 10-9-17 at 8.01 PMIn this blog, I’ll be sharing my favorite meals with you. Most of them are quick and I eat them on a daily basis. My hope is that it gives you a better vision of what a plant-based diet looks like and that you realize it is most definitely not impossible, it’s actually quite easy.

For breakfast, I usually will eat a couple pieces of vegan toast (it’s actually very good) with peanut butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and honey (some vegans don’t eat honey so it just depends on your own opinion on that). I also do avocado toast as well with a little bit of olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper. Another great breakfast food is sweet potatoes, kale, mushrooms, and tofu sautéed and made into breakfast tacos…They are so good and really can be made for any meal!

For Lunch, I usually make a quinoa and kale hash with any other veggies that I happen to have I’ll top it off with avocado if I have some. If I want something a little heavier, I eat some black bean chips with the meal and use the hash as a sort of chip dip.

For dinner, I’ll usually make a big pan of sautéed veggies and mix it with pasta, rice, quinoa, or put the veggies of a homemade pizza with vegan cheese.

These are just a few meals you could try out. Once you put some thought into it, you realize eating plant-based is actually very simple and easy.


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